Per-hour rates

State mandated tuition rates per credit hour

  New York State resident Out of state resident
Matriculated undergraduate



Matriculated graduate






Non-matriculated undergraduates will pay per course level with a maximum tuition charge of $3,235 (NYS resident) or $8,160 (non-resident).

Non-matriculated graduates will pay per course level with a maximum tuition charge of $5,435 (NYS resident) or $11,105 (non-resident).


College Fee 
$0.85 per credit hour, maximum $12.50 per semester
This fee is to cover bond obligations from the SUNY Construction Fund. Collections are used to bring buildings into code when new regulations are issued. In addition repairs for damage to roofs or buildings are taken care of from these funds collected. This is a mandatory fee.

Health fee
$14.83 per credit hour, maximum $178 per semester.
This fee is charged for services provided by the Mary Walker Health Center to cover the costs associated with running the health service. The center provides primary health care services. This is a mandatory fee.

  • Many common medications are provided
  • Minor surgical procedures
  • Medical, surgical and dental referrals
  • Routine Laboratory testing
  • Allergy desensitization injections
  • Reproductive health care information
  • Contraceptive clinics administered by Family Planning
  • Physical examinations for athletic teams, overseas academic programs and some
  • Employment physicals
  • Loan of crutches, canes and splints
  • Emergency first aid for visitors to the campus
  • Self-help Cold Clinic
  • Health Education

Athletic fee
$17.83 per credit hour, max. $214.00 per semester, fall/winter/spring only
This fee is charged to all undergraduate students to support intercollegiate athletics, intramurals and recreation. The fee is not a user fee. Everyone benefits from the success of our teams and their contributions to the college’s reputation and recognition.  The athletic fee does not fund club sports or the fitness centers. This is a mandatory fee.

Student activity fee
Fall and spring $9.25 per credit hour, maximum $111 per semester (summer $8)
Mandatory fee to fund the Student Association, which supports over 80 campus clubs and organizations. They provide the following services for students.

  • Check cashing
  • Campus Shuttle bus
  • SAVAC (Student Association Volunteer Ambulance Corps)
  • Legal Aid
  • Box Office
  • Corner Store
  • Community Services
  • SAPB Programming

This fee will be assessed for all students except part-time grad and part-time undergrad students who live off-campus and are enrolled, for all classes, in off-campus extension sites. Student teachers must request a refund from the Student Association. During the Summer all students are charged a one-time fee of $8. There are no exemptions to this one-time fee.

Technology fee
$17.08 per credit hour max $205 per semester
Mandatory fee charged to all students. The fee is for the direct and indirect integration, application, and advancement of technology on the SUNY Oswego Campus. Examples of direct technology to students are computer labs; multi-media equipped classrooms; Internet access; email accounts; E-commerce registration and payment, technology help desk at 315.312.3456; access to kiosks (walk-up Internet terminal access in Hewitt Union; etc.) Indirect technology to students would be enhancements to general servers; electronic card reader; support services; etc.

Accident & sickness insurance 
$700 for the fall and spring term only
Medical Insurance coverage required of all full-time students (undergraduate 12 or more credit hours, graduate nine or more credit hours) unless they submit a waiver and proof (copy of insurance card) that they have medical coverage. A due date for waiver submission is set by Auxiliary Services. 

Transportation fee
$2.08 per credit hour max $25 per semester
The transportation fee is a mandatory fee that is charged to all students who attend classes on campus. It will not be charged to students who take all of their classes off-campus or overseas. It funds comprehensive shuttle service continuously around campus and Rice Creek field station with the blue and green shuttles. It also provides service to the SUNY Oswego Metro Center, Destiny USA, and the Syracuse Regional Transportation Center with Centro's express service and the Trailways Regional Transportation Center shuttle.                                                                      

ASC Washer and dryer  fee
$70 per semester
Residence halls have washers and dryers conveniently located in the laundry room in each building. These facilities are for resident only. The cost of laundry services is added to the bill of each resident student. This charge covers the cost of repairs and replacement of laundry equipment and provides unlimited use of washers and dryers.

$74 per student
This fee is charged to students who live on-campus. ResNet is the residential ethernet network on campus. It allows a dedicated connection the campus network and to the Internet. If you are an RA, this fee is part of the RA benefits package and does not show on the account summary. 

Alumni fee
This fee helps to fund programs and communications for current students and families. Some of the many programs supported by the fee include:

  • Career exploration programs such as Backpack to Briefcase, NYC Career Connections and related programming
  • The Alumni Sharing Knowledge (ASK) program, which connects students with alumni mentors in their field of career interest. Activities can include job shadowing, resume critiquing or general career exploration and mentoring
  • The Alumni-In-Residence program, which brings accomplished alumni back to campus throughout each academic year to speak in classes, serve on panels and provide career information to current students
  • New student programs, such as the Welcoming Torchlight Ceremony, and class-related programming, like Freshman Fun Day and more
  • Support of programming during Family and Friends Weekend
  • Support of programming during a Homecoming program
  • Sponsorship of scholarships for current students
  • Complimentary copies of the alumni magazine, mailed to students' homes three times per year
  • A parent e-newsletter emailed to parents monthly during the academic year with information relevant to parents/families
  • Senior class programming, newsletters and activities, including Commencement Eve and Torchlight programs for May and December graduates
  • Student leadership opportunities through the Future Alumni Network (FANs), ASK, Senior Class Planning Committee, Telefund and Oswego Alumni Association internships and work-study opportunities
  • Programming and communications for recent Graduates Of the Last Decade 

This is a voluntary fee charged in the fall to all full-time undergraduate students.

Arts fee
Voluntary fee charged in the spring to all full time undergraduate students. Funds from the student arts fee are administered by Artswego, a campus organization that was established in 1990 and operates through the Oswego College Foundation, Inc. Committed to artistic excellence, Artswego administers a program that is designed to create a vibrant campus culture. This program includes a performing arts series, selected gallery exhibitions, visiting artists and authors, as well as video and film screenings. All of these programs are available to students free-of-charge with the exception of the Performing Arts Series where students pay a nominal price of $7  for their tickets.

Campus arts programs are promoted through a fall and spring arts calendar, a performing arts series brochure, flyers, advertisements and extensive coverage in local and regional news media.

The mission of Artswego is to serve as a catalyst for high quality arts programs that enhance the cultural environment of the college and augment academic offerings. It seeks to introduce students to art forms and performances different from those offered by the mass market. ARTSwego also serves as a bridge between the campus and community. It supports the development of collaborative and interdisciplinary programs that foster patterns of life-long learning and promote cross-cultural understanding.

Sustainability fee
$5 per semester
These funds will go to expanding sustainability on campus through educational, participatory and experience based learning and improvements to the overall sustainability of our campus community. This is a voluntary fee. More information