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Confirmation of attendance

Policy change

A survey will be placed in MyOswego two weeks prior to the start of the semester. You will be required to fill out the survey and confirm the acceptance of the following three statements. Failure to do so will result in de-registration from all your classes.

1.  Confirm your attendance (starting two weeks prior to each semester through the first week of classes).

  • Financial aid will not apply or refund until this has been satisfied.
  • If this is not completed prior to the end of the first week of classes you will be de-registered.

2.  Accept your charges.

  • Acknowledgement that you are responsible for the charges you incur as a student at SUNY Oswego.

3.  Authorize SUNY Oswego to use your Title IV Federal Aid to pay non-institutional charges.

  • Your federal aid will cover charges such as book store, parking, student association, alumni fee, arts fee, dorm damage, laundry fee as well as room and board.