SEFA Committee 2018

Committee Member Office Office Location
Mallory Bower  Career Services 145 Marano Campus Cntr.
Taylor Briceno Student Intern
Nancy Concadoro Human Resources 201 Culkin
Diane Dillon Women's Hockey 6 Marano Campus Cntr.
Angela Galvin Admin. & Finance 705 Culkin
Kristin Gublo Chemistry  G02A Shineman
Bob Hageny CTS 29B Lanigan
Christy Huynh Career Services 145 Marano Campus Cntr.
Cathy Johnston Provost's Office 702 Culkin
Nicole Pritchard Business & Community 104 Rich
Shelly Sloan The Care Network The Care Network / 501 Culkin
Mary Toale President's Office 707 Culkin