The Office of the President
November 10, 2016

Dear Campus Community,

I write today to help us all remember that our futures--for all of us-- are inextricably bound together in our belief in American democracy as well as our membership in the SUNY Oswego academic community.  

Last evening, I attended an event that allowed me to hear the voices and feel the emotions of members of our community who are burdened with the weight of uncertainty and marginalization after the results of the presidential election. Hateful and divisive rhetoric during the campaign was often used as pointed political strategy and has now left many groups feeling targeted and fearful. Yet there was also expressed much hope and confidence for the future in a country where a setback will not write the entire story. 

Unfortunately, I have heard reports of oppressive and racist speech and actions used by those responding to the presidential election's outcome. Let me make it absolutely clear; we have zero tolerance for such behavior. No event, no triumph or defeat, will ever confer license for such actions in any way connected to our campus community.      

Our system of government--our way of life--requires a great deal from each of us. Regardless of our political and personal opinions, I ask each of us to deepen our resolve to build understanding across political divides, to mutually respect and support each other as peers and friends, and to help each other move past the contest and conflict--to unite around our common principles and the need to address the significant challenges ahead. We must always strive, after an election but also in between, to break down barriers and work hard to engage in peaceful action to lift up our principles, keeping up the worthy quest to realize our ideals. That is the work each of us in this great country must always be prepared to do. Here at SUNY Oswego, as we toil to learn and grow, let us be united in the desire to move forward together.


Deborah F. Stanley


Office of the President
706 Culkin Hall
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