The Office of the President
September 4, 2020

Dear SUNY Oswego Students,

Your choices and your actions are incredibly important to our future right now.  Please stay focused and committed to health and safety and keeping the spread of COVID-19 low on campus and in our community!

  • Stay away from parties and any large gatherings of more than 10 people.

  • Wear a mask when you are with people indoors or outdoors.  Don’t just carry a mask.  Don’t just have it around your neck or mouth.  Wear it and wear it over your nose and mouth.  Keep COVID-19 out of your respiratory track and others’.

  • Do not travel and do not host visitors. Stay on campus or in your neighborhood and in Oswego.  

Now that we know we have a low baseline for all students who have arrived in Oswego, we will begin testing in random samples starting next week so that we can continue to keep everyone safe.

I know you have this strength.  Every one of you is important to this effort.  We will get past this and you will be able to say you did your part — you were the band of Lakers who shielded SUNY Oswego and our supportive community from the spread of this harsh disease.


Deborah F. Stanley

Office of the President
706 Culkin Hall
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