The Office of the President
January 7, 2021
Dear Members of the SUNY Oswego Campus Community,

I, like millions of Americans, watched as chaos, violence and disorder unfolded yesterday.  I was stunned that our democracy could hang in the balance, and unsettled that our very foundation of government was so vulnerable to political whims and rioters who were incited to breach the U.S. Capitol.

As our nation moves forward in the coming days and weeks, and in anticipation of a peaceful transfer of power, let us rise above these shameful, anti-democratic acts that divide us, and peacefully come together in respect for one another and the democratic way of life we hold so dear.  In higher education, let us focus on restoring strength, accountability and resiliency in our fundamental institutions of self-governance.  We have a unique mission in that regard, and I am confident we can offer thoughtful and deliberate consideration of each citizen's responsibility to protect and pursue our sacred self-governance as we also illuminate paths to renewed and restored democracy, and thereby, continue to foster a beacon of hope and justice around the world.

I join SUNY Chancellor Jim Malatras, Chairman Merryl Tisch and Vice Chairman Cesar Perales in condemning yesterday's attack on our nation's capital, and share their statement below as their sentiments should be amplified throughout the university.  

Deborah F. Stanley


Statement from SUNY Chancellor Jim Malatras, Chairman Merryl Tisch, and Vice Chairman Cesar Perales

“At the core of our democracy is the promise of giving a voice to the people through free and fair elections, a promise that rests on the peaceful transition of power. As educators, it is our obligation to teach our next generations of leaders, and remind even current ones, about this civic responsibility—and it is a charge we all must take seriously.

Today, we saw our nation’s Capitol under siege by an extremist mob as our elected representatives attempted to fulfil their sacred duty to finalize our nation’s presidential election through a haze of tear gas. Most distressing than having our core values undermined is this unconscionable act was fomented by divisive rhetoric from a few leaders who have moved heaven and earth to shake the people’s confidence in our democratic process and institutions.

Mobs cannot and will not intimidate the American people or distract from what we must do as a nation. Now more than ever, we must continue to pursue constitutional obligations while we all do our part in addressing and fixing the nation’s most pervasive health issue that has taken the lives hundreds of thousands of Americans—and SUNY will remain a leader in this life-saving effort. We will not be distracted from fulfilling our core democratic obligations nor from SUNY’s current mission that will ultimately save the lives of countless New Yorkers regardless of political affiliation.”

Office of the President
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