The Office of the President
June 29, 2023

Dear Members of the Campus Community,

I applaud and echo the words of Chancellor King below, knowing that access, inclusion and opportunity are fundamental pillars of SUNY Oswego and the SUNY system. We know and believe that SUNY Oswego is its best when we attract, include, respect, and retain people from all backgrounds and histories. We exist to contribute to the common good and to empower every person in our university to pursue a meaningful life. We will continue to welcome all.

Mary C. Toale, Ed.D.
Officer in Charge

Chancellor John B. King Jr. and SUNY Board of Trustees on SCOTUS Decision on Race Conscious Admissions Cases:

“Today, the US Supreme Court attempted to pull our nation backwards in the journey toward equity and civil rights with an egregious ruling that will have serious impacts on students and families seeking the American dream of opportunity through higher education.

“Race-conscious admissions policies have enriched our institutions and our nation. Yet despite the existence of race-conscious admissions policies, Black and Latino students, along with other groups, are still underrepresented across institutions of higher education as students, faculty members and administrators. Today’s decision threatens to undermine what progress has been made, by throwing up roadblocks and barriers when what’s needed are better paths and bridges. As Justice Sotomayor wrote in dissent: ‘The Court subverts the constitutional guarantee of equal protection by further entrenching racial inequality in education, the very foundation of our democratic government and pluralistic society.’

“At SUNY, our resolve to provide opportunity for all has never been stronger. The commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion will continue to be a factor in every goal we pursue, every program we create, every policy we promulgate, and every decision we make.

“On behalf of the students we serve; the faculty and staff who make SUNY a place of excellence; and the communities and employers that rely on SUNY’s diversity for their own success, we know that no court ruling – however misguided – can shake our understanding that our pursuit of diversity, equity, and inclusion, within the law, will always be integral to ensuring that SUNY is the best public system of higher education in the country.”

Office of the President
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