The Office of the President
May 23, 2022

Dear Students, Faculty, Staff and Administration,

I am pleased to announce that SUNY Oswego’s Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Scott Furlong, will be taking on an additional role and leading all enrollment operations of the university, while we initiate a search this summer for a future Vice President for Enrollment Management. His new title—Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs and Enrollment Management—is effective immediately and will incorporate the leadership of undergraduate enrollment (first year and transfer student populations) with his existing oversight of graduate, international, online, non-traditional and Syracuse campus enrollment.

In addition to leading SUNY Oswego’s academic affairs, Furlong will be tasked with continuing to build a holistic approach to enrollment management, admissions, financial aid and retention efforts at SUNY Oswego, as the university builds on the momentum of its recent recruitment success and develops an innovative, forward-thinking, and goal-setting strategic enrollment management plan.

I am grateful for the many faculty, staff, administrators, as well as our successful alumni, who stepped up to assist our admissions team to recruit future Lakers and promote the university. Our teamwork approach has paid dividends with over 1,600 first year undergraduate students committing to attend SUNY Oswego this fall. We have much to be proud of at SUNY Oswego and I am confident Scott will continue the campus wide collaborations necessary to coordinate effective, integrated recruitment and retention strategies and initiatives across all facets of the university.  

“I'm honored that Dr. Toale has asked me to take on the leadership of enrollment management,” said Furlong. “The response from all our partners this past year has been sensational, and we are seeing the positive results of these efforts. We'll continue these efforts as we move forward and work toward a strategic enrollment plan that includes all students--undergraduate, graduate, international, transfer, online, our Syracuse campus, as well as our retention of current students. I am excited to continue to build upon these partnerships for successful enrollment efforts, particularly in Academic and Student Affairs, to support retention, completion, and overall student success.”

Oswego’s Interim Executive Director of Enrollment Management Joel Wincowski, who was hired in October 2021 to lead the university’s enrollment efforts and manage the Admissions and Financial Aid operations, will stay on and serve in a consultant role through May 2023. Joel has been instrumental in bringing colleagues and offices together the past eight months to develop and implement a bold enrollment marketing effort, which has resulted in broadened exposure for SUNY Oswego and a measurable increase in applications, admits and deposits over last year.

Thank you, Joel, and all members of the campus community who invested their personal time, energy and resources in helping us achieve such measurable success! Please join me in congratulating Scott for his expanded role and the good work we know he will do on behalf of SUNY Oswego.


Mary C. Toale, Ed.D.
Officer in Charge

Office of the President
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