The Office of the President
August 24, 2020

Dear Students,

Just a reminder that it is extremely important to follow the health and safety rules that we have put in place – rules that we must enforce (and we will enforce them) during this time!  Wear a mask, socially distance indoors and outdoors, and refrain from hosting or attending parties or large gatherings.  

We have reports that most of you are living up to your pledge and we thank you.  We take COVID-19 enforcement very seriously, and will impose immediate action against any and all students who engage in activities or behaviors that place each of us at risk for contracting COVID-19.  Whether in residence halls, off-campus locations or even down by the rocks on the lakeshore, large social gatherings and parties that defy social distancing and health/safety guidelines are selfish actions that recklessly put all of us at risk, as well as put our ability to complete a face-to-face semester on campus in jeopardy.

I urge you to take seriously your responsibility to yourself and to other members of our campus community.  Let me be clear – others are watching and waiting to report on our success or our failure.  As your president, I am watching; our neighbors are watching; SUNY and the Governor are closely watching to ensure our State institution is a model for others to follow.  Your families are watching, but most importantly … your fellow students are watching, calling on all of you to make the right choice and to be mindful of your actions and how they truly affect our ability to experience a safe, in-person semester on campus.

You can do it — you are tough, smart and you care about others.  This isn’t forever.  We won’t get a chance for a redo ... so do the right thing now!  Let’s be a shining example of how a campus community can move Oswego Forward together.  


Deborah F. Stanley

Office of the President
706 Culkin Hall
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