The Office of the President
May 24, 2021

Dear members of the SUNY Oswego community,

As we emerge from the long isolation, fear and disruptions of the global pandemic, we can start to see and feel rebirth, reconnection and reengagement with our plans and hopes for the future. Our paths are merging at an advanced point in time and collecting up the strings we had to let drop--we can tie them on again or not in light of what we have learned on our forced detour and where we want to set our sights on now. I am focused on the future as well--my future and that of SUNY Oswego. I have informed Chancellor Malatras that I intend to retire from the presidency at SUNY Oswego on December 31, 2021.

I have been incredibly fortunate in so many ways in my life, and certainly in the people, places and circumstances of my professional work for SUNY Oswego for 44 years—26 as president.  It is beyond a blessing to have been allowed to contribute leadership to, and collaborate broadly on, the inspirations and initiatives that have lifted our work and produced amazing outcomes for our college, our students and our communities.

Even throughout the more discouraging times, to be immersed in the life and struggles of a university is meaningful, transformative toil.  Just to be engaged in high purposes has intrinsic rewards, but we have also succeeded in reaching many of our stretch goals: a deepening commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion and justice; a diverse leadership team; greatly increased diversity in the student body; four academic divisions; compelling new and revitalized degree programs; accredited engineering; capacity building fundraising campaigns with friend-raising; establishment of the Syracuse campus; a widely renovated, environmentally sound and “new built” campus led by the Campus Concept Committee; impactful alumni programs and enduring relations with alumni spanning many eras; invigorating external partnerships; and so much more. We have developed a campus culture with the tolerance to bravely risk taking moonshots and often through focused, elevating work together, we have surmounted difficult obstacles and realized incredible milestones to steward SUNY Oswego sustainably ahead.  

Thank you does not seem enough to say for being able to do what I love alongside thoughtful, purposeful, passionate people who understand the value of what we do and honor it everyday. My gratitude to you, the faculty, staff, students and administrators I have known and worked with over the years, on campus and at SUNY System, is immense.  This institution’s strength to endure and thrive rests, as it always has, on your insight and resolve to prepare for and protect its future. For our students, the value of all the different types of learning that take place at SUNY Oswego is also measured by the excellence you uphold and require in design and delivery of all our offerings and services. Thinking of you gives me great confidence and optimism in SUNY Oswego’s future and its ability to face the inevitable challenges ahead.

Michael and I have truly experienced this beautiful campus as our home.  Our family’s memories made here include many of the college’s celebrations and important or even emergency gatherings that took place over the years.  And as Shady Shore has warmed and nurtured us, it has allowed us to share many special times with you as well. We have cherished those moments.

In the next few months I hope to have the chance to speak with many of you personally.  Of course, our interest in this wonderful place is unending and we will always be connected.

With deep and abiding gratitude,


Deborah F. Stanley, J.D.






Office of the President
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