The Office of the President
February 7, 2022

Dear Campus Community,
The Institute for Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Transformative Practice (The Institute) at SUNY Oswego is pleased to offer the inaugural Oz Equity Challenge as a way to engage students, faculty and staff in discourse and learning around social justice.
Beginning on Monday, February 14 and running through March 7, 2022, the Oz Equity Challenge is designed to help all of us dedicate time and space to building more effective social justice habits. Each day of the challenge features a module intended to raise our awareness of a broad range of social justice issues, deepen our understanding, and shift our thinking and behavior. As a whole, the challenge will provide participants with tool kits and resources for building and elevating their social justice practices. 
In keeping with The Institute’s core mission to foster an environment that respects, embraces, and promotes cultural humility, civil discourse, and active engagement, the Oz Equity Challenge provides an opportunity for us to collectively and individually explore issues of race, power, privilege and leadership. We hope participants will approach each activity with open minds, a willingness to learn from each daily module, and a desire to experience intellectual and personal growth. We are calling on all Oswego students, faculty, and staff to take the challenge regardless of where you are in your social justice journey. 
You can register to participate online, through the Oz Equity Challenge webpage, or by scanning  the QR code on campus-wide Oz Equity Challenge signage.

Once you register, you will receive an email confirmation with a link to the day’s module and a series of reflection questions. Your responses to reflection questions can be shared anonymously via a link. Each daily module will be shared via email (if you register), Oswego Today (Saturday and Sunday links will be shared on Friday), and posted to the Oz Equity Challenge webpage. The daily modules will also be archived for future reference.
We hope you will participate in this important equity challenge and encourage your friends, colleagues and classmates to join too. Look for incentives, extension activities and opportunities for conversation along the way.

Equity happens by intention. We must be intentional as we move toward a more just and equitable world. We are excited to begin and hope you will join the challenge.

Mary C. Toale, Officer in Charge
Kendra N. Cadogan, Interim Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer

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