The Office of the President
March 11, 2020
Dear Students, Faculty and Staff,

I am writing to update you on actions we are taking to keep the SUNY Oswego community healthy and help manage the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) across New York State. In response to Governor Cuomo’s announcement this afternoon, and in consultation with SUNY administration, public health officials, members of the college’s leadership team and our COVID-19 task force:

SUNY Oswego will suspend all face-to-face academic instruction, including the Syracuse campus, and move to all online and distance learning instruction, effective March 19, 2020.  We are seeking clarification about the duration.  Additionally, there may be a few exceptions where face-to-face on-campus delivery of academic content will be allowed (labs, etc.). Please note that between now and the start of spring break, all classes will meet as scheduled on campus.  

Although there are no known cases of COVID-19 in the SUNY Oswego community, we have given a great deal of careful and thoughtful consideration to taking prudent action in light of what we know about current cases in New York State, the normal patterns of travel of our campus members during this period of spring semester, and the highly contagious and transmittable nature of COVID-19.  The public health risk appears great and we believe the health and safety of our campus and greater community can be best served by taking the actions we are announcing.

Below are some additional important points for you to know:

  • Students should leave campus for spring break and take with them any devices, textbooks and other essential items or materials to be able to continue their coursework remotely.  Students should also take any personal, valuable, or indispensable items. We will issue guidance on moving out of residence hall rooms at a later date.
  • We understand that some students may need or choose to remain on campus; therefore, campus and auxiliary services will remain open and in operation (with limited or reduced services) during spring break and throughout the period when campus-based face-to-face instruction is suspended.  After spring break, if you have left campus, we encourage you to remain off campus to avoid the possible introduction and spread of the virus on campus. 
  • While on-campus face-to-face instruction is suspended, the college will otherwise remain open for normal business operations. Our academic mission will be supported by the on-going operations of all our administrative offices and personnel to serve our campus community.
  • Students who work on campus will receive communication about their employment during the time of suspended on-campus instruction.  
  • Students who find themselves with limited internet or computer access during this period of online/distance learning delivery should contact Sean Moriarty, the college chief technology officer at or 315.312.5500.
  • As the dynamic conditions of COVID-19 evolve, we will communicate about academic and logistical matters.  Please monitor your email and check the SUNY Oswego homepage frequently. We want to ensure academic continuity and progress to degree. 

Be assured we will continue to closely monitor and evaluate information and guidance provided by state and federal agencies in order to inform future decisions, and post updates to our COVID-19 website, which will feature key resources related to online and distance learning.

This is a time of unprecedented circumstances that will no doubt create burdens and challenges for students, faculty and staff. Thank you for your cooperation and commitment to the well-being of our greater community and especially our SUNY Oswego students.  


Deborah F. Stanley

Office of the President
706 Culkin Hall
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