The Office of the President
June 20, 2020

SUNY Oswego takes the recent reports of racism seriously and we are currently investigating the matters concerning an individual’s racist, hate-filled comments on social media.

We thank the many individuals who have reached out to the college.  We hear you; we are listening to you; and I want you to know that you are all helping us instruct our campus and all of society what it means to endure and suffer from such vitriol.  We understand your justifiable concerns and we are moving forward with addressing the issue through the college’s Student Code of Conduct process.

We are aware of the circulating petition and while we understand this growing desire to act swiftly and rid our campus of racist individuals, we also know that First Amendment rights under the U S Constitution likely protect them.  Nevertheless, I assure you that such blatant racism will not be unanswered on our campus even if we are constrained from expelling students who exhibit such abhorrent behavior.  So, let me be clear and use my voice loudly – I do not agree with this person’s views.  Their racist comments are repugnant to our values: we completely disavow such hate.

And while we are steadfast in our work to embrace a campus culture that is committed to diversity, inclusion, equality and peace, I cannot eradicate the reality that we have racists in our midst.  What I am able to do is encourage all racist individuals to think through how they interact with a college community that overwhelmingly does not share their racist views and values.  We encourage the full participation of individuals who are willing to stand up and aid in the struggle for justice and peace, as well as those engaged in seeking understanding and equity. I ask all who have engaged in hate and racist-filled language on social media and in their communities to thoroughly examine the standards by which they live.

I recently shared with our campus community that we must be agents of a vastly better future.  And so I pledge to you that I, along with our dedicated faculty and staff and committed alumni, will stand with you in our collective pursuit of justice, equality and peace.  

Respectfully yours,

Deborah F. Stanley
President, SUNY Oswego


Office of the President
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