Rice Creek videos

Digging deep underground at Rice Creek is helping geology students see soil and water in a new light.  SUNY Oswego News student reporter Krystal Cole documents this hands-on effort. Published December 21, 2017

Astronomy students shoot the moon captures images using a telescope at Rice Creek. This video was made by students in AST 350 Observational Astronomy, Spring 2016, using a 8" Meade telescope and a MallinCam Extreme video camera. Published April 22, 2016

Overview of Rice Creek by SUNY Oswego undergraduate Jennifer Labas (Communications Studies major and Sustainability minor).  Published December 1, 2015

Videos from the fall of 2015 by amateur aerial videographer Rafael Villamil provide unique virtual tours of Rice Creek Field Station.

Rice Creek Welcome by SUNY Oswego graduate student Jeffrey Newell. Published March 30, 2014

Rice Creek Field Station: A Journey to the Future
shares the creation of the new Rice Creek facility.  It is organized by seasons showing the construction time line from late spring 2012 through the summer of 2013.  Look for seasonal images of nature and people at Rice Creek among the construction slides.

Sustainable Features showcases the many sustainability features surrounding the creation of SUNY Oswego's Richard S. Shineman Center for Science, Engineering and Innovation and the renovation of Rice Creek Field Station that are aimed for LEED Gold Certification -- a prestigious measure of environmentally friendly construction. Videos by SUNY Oswego graduate student Jeffrey Newell.  For more information visit our page about Sustainable Features.

Student Research at Rice Creek shares glimpses into students' research conducted at Rice Creek Field Station. From field work to laboratories, there are a variety of opportunities for SUNY Oswego students to pursue their own science projects.  For more information visit our page about Science in Action.

Bird Banding at SUNY Oswego's Rice Creek Field Station was a regular fall, spring and occasional summer event 2007 through 2014. Master bird bander Jim Keefer, a SUNY Oswego alumnus, volunteered to conduct bird population ecology research and taught others about resident and migrating birds in our area. Visitors joined to observe and helped with the banding, often having hands-on experience with the birds during the process.  To review historical records, visit our page about Bird Banding.