Orange Trail


  • Description: This trail traverses the drumlin ridge and slopes,  passes through fallow fields and young woodlands, an evergreen plantation, and then takes the hiker into a mature hardwood forest community at the northeast corner of the property. This trail is the only one open for bicycling.
  • Distance: 3.2 km [2 miles]
  • Trail Blaze:    There may still be remnants of the old orange XC blazes.
  • Location: The trail begins off of the red trail just east of the garage on the north side of the main parking area, proceeds east and north, then west along a downhill meandering slope connecting with the blue trail headed east and returning south to its finish at the start. A path connects the Thompson Road parking area with the main branch heading north along the orange trail.  
  • Features:
    • Full range of succession
    • Remnants of abandoned orchards
    • Characteristics of an evergreen plantation
      • Scotch Pines established at the same time as the field station in the 1960's
    • Contrast between second-growth forest and old-growth forest 100 years old
    • Evidence of glacial activity along the drumlin's ridge
    • Stonewalls and hedgerows
    • Highest point on the property at approximately 400 feet above sea level