Ongoing events

Visit the Wildlife Viewing Area
Relax on the patio and see what animals are at our bird feeders, the water garden with plants for butterflies and hummingbirds, and the row of shrubs planted for wildlife located between the water garden and the pond.

Natural History Displays
Featured among the displays inside the building are butterflies, a rare Harlequin Duck, student research projects, art panels and limited edition prints by local naturalist John A. Weeks and more.
Located in the library area at Rice Creek are photograph binders about bird banding at Rice Creek and local butterflies.
We are pleased to announce the return of the 1986 Rice Creek model that is now on display in the library area.

Bird Banding
at Rice Creek may resume during late spring migration.  Come and observe birds in hand during the capture, banding and release of resident and migrating songbirds. Call us for a schedule: 315-312-6677.

Winter Bird Study
Drop by most Saturdays November through March and spend a few minutes with our feathered friends.  Be a citizen scientist as you survey the birds at the Rice Creek feeders from our indoor viewing area.  No experience is needed. This is a great project for all ages and the entire family.

Visit the Ruth Sachidanandan Herb Garden
The garden thrives annually, which is best on display for seasonal blooms from June well into the fall. 

Geocaching at Rice Creek Field Station
There is a geocache hidden along a trail at Rice Creek.  It is called Geocache Jackpot; a regular plastic container placed by adventurous 11 year olds during Exploring Nature. It includes geo-coins they made, other fun items and a log book. A nice outting for families; a moderate hike.

Rice Creek Rocks
Next time you visit Rice Creek, be on the lookout for painted rocks along the trails or near the building.  Join the fun in creating, hiding, finding and rehiding the rocks.  Rocks from Oswego Rocks New York and Fulton Rocks New York have been discovered at Rice Creek.  Details about these groups and the rock rules are available on Facebook.

Rice Creek Research Presentations
Each fall students, faculty and community members share their Small Grants supported research  during an afternoon of presentations at Rice Creek.