Membership in Rice Creek Associates is granted to all who make monetary donations to the Field Station. Memberships are renewed annually (except for life memberships). The current membership levels are:

Student -- $ 5.00
Individual -- $10.00
Couple/Family -- $15.00
Contributing -- $25.00
Sustaining -- $50.00
Lifetime -- $250.00
Corporate -- $500.00

membership form can be downloaded as a printable pdf here.

Membership donations and other unspecified contributions go into the Rice Creek Associates account without restrictions as to the time and purpose of their use. These funds support the normal operation of the association providing for duplication and mailing of the newsletter, mailing of membership correspondence, purchase of stationary and other incidentals. They form the basis for the initiation of new programs such as the small grants in support of research at Rice Creek. They help defray the cost of special projects such as refurbishing and updating displays at the field station. With support from this source, field station personnel may travel to other field stations or RCA may bring specialists to Rice Creek for consultation on matters of program, funding, and development. When necessary, RCA funds may be used to supplement the funds supplied by the College for purchase of supplies and equipment. Use of these funds is at the discretion of the Field Station Director subject to approval by the RCA Board of Directors.

Contributions designated for support of special purposes and projects are also welcome, as are contributions to the Rice Creek Endowment. The recently established endowment fund will be allowed to accumulate until income from the fund is sufficient to support the addition of new staff to the field station.

The general membership meets annually at the fall banquet, an occasion for reports of activities at the field station over the previous year.  Meetings of the Board of Directors are open to the membership.