Green Trail


  • Description: This trail includes the Carlita Snygg Memorial Trail. The Snygg Trail meanders through young woods and wetlands bordering the upper reaches of Rice Pond and Rice Creek, past areas of beaver activity, through a locust grove, and through shrub lands and an evergreen plantation. It features a number of local trees and native wildflowers.
  • Distance: 1.2 km [.75 miles]
  • Trail Blaze:     There may still be remnants of the old green diamond blazes.
  • Location: The trail starts at the east end of the lawn by the field station and enters the wild flower display area in the forest south of the entrance road. After traversing the wildflower area, it crosses the old bed of Brownell Road, and proceeds in a southerly direction with raised walkways providing passage through wetlands along the upper reaches of Rice Pond. Eventually it loops back through the forest to reenter the wildflower area near the point of beginning.
  • Features:
    • Classic young woodland containing diverse tree specimens
    • Evidence and impact of beaver activity:
      • Beaver dam
      • Beaver-maintained wetland
      • Observation of wetland vegetation and wildlife--excellent birding area 
      • Benches at two overlook areas along side of Rice Creek
      • Exploration of wildflower area, planted with species native to this region