The operational policies of Rice Creek Associates are managed by its Board of Directors. Directors are elected from the general membership and serve three-year terms. Members of the board are:

  • Laurel Artz, President
  • Pat Jones, Co-Vice President
  • Sheri Morey, Co-Vice President
  • Michael Holy, Secretary (Memberships/Newsletter)
  • Wendy Fragale, Treasurer
  • Maria Sagot (Small Grants Chairperson)
  • Andrew Mcelwain
  • Peter Rosenbaum
  • Matthew Gorman, Student Representative
  • Kamal Mohamed, Ex Officio

Board meetings are scheduled for 4:15 pm on every third Wednesday of the month (excluding August).  Members are welcome to attend.  Members planning to attend can call the field station at (315) 312-6677 the week of a meeting to confirm scheduling.