Blue Trail


  • Description: This trail, rich in the diversity of plant and animal life, takes the hiker through several distinctive habitats, including a conifer plantation, open meadow, transitional hardwoods, wetland forest, and along Rice Creek and Rice Pond.
  • Distance: 1.8 km [1.1 miles]
  • Trail Blaze:   There may still be remnants of the old blue dot blazes.
  • Location: The trail begins just west of the herb garden, proceeds north, then west, and loops back in a southeasterly direction to the point of beginning.
  • Features:
    • Characteristics of evergreen plantations
      • Norway Spruces and  Scotch Pines established with the field station in the 1960's
      • Norway Spruces and Balsm Firs that predates the field station by at least 25 years
    • Historical evidence of farming activity:
      • Stone fence
      • Farm lane
      • Hedgerow
    • Meadow habitat and the effect of rotational mowing
    • Bluebird boxes, sometimes inhabited by tree swallows and house wrens
    • Transitional hardwoods and shrubs that have taken over former pasture land
    • Bench at overlook area along side of Rice Creek fish ladder channel
    • Stream valley verging on wooded wetland
    • Swamp forest along the edge of Rice Pond