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Residence Life and Housing

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Summer Resident Assistant (RA)

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Download a pdf version of the Summer RA Job Description (283k).

May – August 2015
Summer Resident Assistant (Summer RA) positions are available through the Department of Residence Life & Housing. Summer RAs are student staff members who live in and lead our summer residential community. The position is multi-faceted and inevitably exerts considerable influence on the lives of our summer students.

I. Duties

A. Participate in a pre-service training program prior to employment and on-going training and/or meetings during summer employment.

B. Perform on-call responsibilities as directed by the Summer School Director. On-call responsibilities include being in the designated building between the hours of 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m., directing emergency evacuation procedures, doing rounds at least three times a day, being a resource person to the summer students, and other duties that may be assigned. Each summer RA will be responsible for coordinating at least one (1) program/social per session (4 sessions) for the summer.

C. Perform administrative tasks associated with the housing of summer students. These tasks include, but are not limited to check in/check out procedures, making room assignments, and one (1) social per session.

D. Perform functions associated with desk operation in the building, including sitting desk shifts. Each RA is required to complete at least 3 hours at the front desk when on duty.

E. Perform tasks in conference residence halls as directed by Summer Conference Directors. These tasks relate to on-call responsibility in a conference hall, staying overnight in a conference hall, working as the liaison person between conference participants and the Summer Conference Directors, general customer service activities, completing paperwork, organization of desk, keys, equipment as well as other tasks as assigned.

F. Perform administrative tasks associated with the housing of conference guests. These tasks may include, but are not limited to, the preparation of check-in packets, compilation of housing data, preparation of rooms, preparation of fliers, posters, and informational signs, and working check-in/out of conference guests.

G. Perform functions associated with the desk operation in conference buildings. These functions include serving as receptionist on a scheduled basis at the desk as well as supporting functions of any ancillary program services.

H. When performing duties in relation to Orientation housing, the Assistant Orientation Coordinator will supervise Summer RA. The Summer Conference Directors will coordinate staff scheduling as it relates to Orientation.

II. Period of Employment

Summer RA's are hired for all summer sessions (4). During the term of appointment, RA's may hold other employment or internship that does not conflict with availability for, and performance of RA duties. Summer RA’s are to guarantee 15 weekly hours of availability to Residence Life and housing. Outside employment is not to exceed fourteen hours (14) per week, and must have the approval of the Summer Hall Director and Community Development Specialist (CDS). Summer school is scheduled for May 17, 2015 through August 14, 2015. However, you will be required to move into Hart Hall no later than noon on Sunday, May 18th. All summer residents will be required to move into Seneca Hall Saturday May, 23. Actual move date and times are TBD and are subject to change based on summer needs. The final date of Summer RA employment will be Saturday, August 14, 2014. Staff is required to work all blackout periods, and may be required to guarantee 15 hours per week to Residence Life and Housing. Blackout weekends include Alumni Weekend (6/4/2015 – 6/7/2015), Genius Olympiad (6/12/2015 – 6/20/2015), and Harborfest (7/21/2015 – 7/28/2015), and are subject to change based on department or group need.

III. Qualifications

An RA must be a student at SUNY Oswego prior to any period of employment. In addition candidates must be living on campus for the fall 2015 semester, and have completed a minimum of 30 semester hours. The student must have a Cumulative Grade Average of 2.40 and a semester average of 2.00 beginning with the semester prior to this appointment. At no point can either average be below 2.00. Preference will be given to individuals with prior RA/RM/VCA/GRM experience and available all 4 summer sessions.

IV. Compensation

Summer RAs are responsible for duties assigned by the Assistant Vice President for Residence Life and Housing or his designees. The Summer Hall Director is the primary direct supervisor of the Summer RAs. The Conference Hall Directors will supervise the Summer RAs in the performance of their summer conference responsibilities. The Summer RA’s Job Description is the basis for the Summer RAs performance review and evaluation. Any violation of the terms of this contract, federal, state, or local law, College policies (including Rules Governing Residential Communities), and/or failure to fulfill required job responsibilities (including individual hall expectations), in an unsatisfactory manner may result in termination of the Summer RA appointment.

Jacob Gardner 2/23/15