Student Moving-in Stories

Moving-in is often one of the most memorable and hectic times of our college experience. Do you have any stories about your move in day? A tale of how you and all your stuff go stuck in an elevator? Or maybe how you made friends with that guy who helped carry your TV up stairs! Send them in to us, and help us create some reading material for next years incoming students!

Note:  Stories may be edited to include all or part of the original submission.

Moving In
When I first drove up to the front doors of Onondaga Hall, my mouth dropped with shock. There were so many people outside trying to move in the same day I was. Although there were a lot of people here moving in, it didn’t seem to let me down. I thought that the staff helping out did a fantastic job. They all directed me to where I needed to go, what I needed to do and who I needed to see. I was in my room in no time at all having fun with my new buddies.

Syracuse, NY

The “Undie” story
I had moved in early because I was trying out for a team. So I was already all settled in. The day finally came when every one else was moving back so I was running across the lounge to meet some of the new neighbors across the hall. On my way back I saw this blue pair of underwear just lying in the middle of the lounge. I was disgusted! Eu.. As I got closer they started to look familiar… and the closer I got the more familiar they got… until I finally realized they were my underwear…. !!! I was mortified. Not only were they out in the middle of the lounge, but all of the parents were moving their kids in and walking around. I thought that if I just hid it with my foot no one would notice… but just as I went to do that, the Guy RA mentioned something to me about it, “..Who’s are those..??” I froze… I looked down grossed out, and pretended they weren’t mine “ uhhh--… I don’t know.. but that’s gross.” I walked into my room, shut the door, and watched from my peep hole until every one was gone so I could grab them.

Hannibal, NY

Let the games begin
My freshman year I was nervous to be going away to college and my parents weren’t too thrilled with the prospect either. Once we had all of my stuff set up we said our goodbyes and I was alone in my new room with a strange kid I had never met before. At first I didn’t think we would hit it off; we didn’t like the same kind of music or anything. But then he asked if I wanted to play the Lord of the Rings video game with him. It turns out we were both big fans of the movies, games and actors. So there we sat, playing that game for hours and hours sitting on cardboard boxes. The remainder of our stuff had to wait until the next day to be put away, and from that day forward I learned never to judge new people too quickly. 

Islip, NY

Making Friends
When I first got here I didn’t know anybody and I had moved into a suite in "Daga" with 5 guys I didn’t know. I was nervous at first, but as we were moving in, I noticed that we all had similar stuff. We had similar posters, music, games, all kinds of stuff. We realized that we would have a great room and we were going to have a good time.

Bainbridge, NY

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