Student Advice

Move in can be a tough day, that's why we want to make it easier for everyone. Do you have any advice, tips or tricks you picked up on your move in day? Submit them to us to help the next year's class come in!

Student Tips

  • Usually the afternoon isn't as bad to move in. But I would move in earlier so you can beat the rush.
  • Do laundry ahead of time!!!
  • You won't need EVERYTHING! You can pack seasonally, and just go home to get your fall/winter/summer stuff.
  • Pack your stuff in boxes. If you have to use bags, go ahead, but make sure that everything is in something so that its not loose. It's easier to bring all of your stuff up quicker that way, you know that nothing will fall out too!
  • Bring some power strips (DON'T BRING extension cords! Only power strips are allowed in residence halls. See the Live Where You Learn booklet for important details.).
  • Bring a hanging shoe holder or storage hangers. So you can just put it all in your closet and you'll have more space.

Submitted by: Onondaga RAs

  • Come the earliest in the morning on move in day. The lines are much shorter and the temperature is much cooler.
  • Label all of your boxes.
  • Bring a friend or several family members to help you move things in a lot quicker.
  • Bring some cold water or sports drinks (You will get hot and thirsty during your move in.)
  • Make a checklist before you come to Oswego, and ensure that you packed everything on the list. Having to pick something up at the store during move in can be a real hassle.
  • Bring you own hand cart (the bins are great, but there are only so many of them).
  • Try to say "hi" to people that you meet becuase it's a good feeling to know more people around campus.
  • Make sure you know which items are permitted in the residence halls. This will prevent you from bringing extra items that are not permitted all the way here, only to have to bring them back home.

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