Returning Students Housing :: IN-HALL DETAILS - Step 4c

4c. In-Hall Room Selection

Students who are not required to live on campus next year should ONLY participate in Room Selection (Village Room  Selection and Residence Hall Room Selection) if they are 100% sure they want to live on campus for the entire upcoming academic year.  Participation in Room Selection GUARANTEES the student on-campus housing for the upcoming academic year; however, it ELIMINATES the student's option to live off campus for the entire upcoming academic year.


March 1 - 20, 2018 • online at link provided

  • Pre-registration is MANDATORY.
  • EVERY student who wants to live in a residence hall must pre-register.


March 2 - 21, 2018

  • Log into myOswego (using your LakerNet Id and password) and click "Returning Student Room Selection" (found under the "Financial Services" tab.
  • Follow instructions for accepting the terms of the Room & Board Agreement.
  • Follow instructions and pay your $100 Housing Deposit online; if you must pay the deposit in person you can do so at Student Accounts, 408 Culkin Hall.

Students whose Housing Deposits are waived must still accept the terms of the applicable housing agreement(s) (part of Step 1) before continuing with the Room Selection process.


(including roommate preferences, if any)

March 5 - April 12, 2018

Submit Room and Roommate Preferences

  • If you have roommate request(s), you will make that request at this point in the process.
  • Log into (using your LakerNet Id and password) and submit your roommate request(s). Your requested roommate must request you as a roommate or you will not be able to choose a room together.

Note: Only students who have completed Step 1 can be selected as roommates.

Return to myHousing after 4:00 pm on Monday, April 2, 2018, to find out your Start Time/Lottery #.


April 3 - 5, 2018

  • Log into (using your LakerNet Id and password) and participate in In-Hall Lottery

Return to myHousing when your Start Time/Lottery # begins to choose from available rooms.

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