Residential communities

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West Campus

Central Campus


image link to Cayuga Hall information 
Cayuga Hall

image link to Funnelle Hall information 
Funnelle Hall

image link to Johnson Hall information 
Johnson Hall

image link to Seneca Hall information 
Seneca Hall

image link to Hart Hall information 
Hart Hall

image link to Riggs Hall information 
Riggs Hall

image link to Oneida Hall information 
Oneida Hall

image link to Mackin Complex (Moreland Hall and Lonis Hall) information 
Mackin Complex
image link to Scales Hall information 
Scales Hall

image link to Onondaga Hall information 
Onondaga Hall

image link to Sheldon Hall information 
Sheldon Hall

image link to Waterbury Hall information
Waterbury Hall

image link to The Village apartments information 
Village Townhouse

Regardless of which hall you live in, you can be assured you'll find a lot of interesting and fun things to do as well as the potential for a great "home-away-from-home" atmosphere. Each residence hall room is typically designed for two students and furnished with a bed, mattress, dresser, desk, chair, floor lamp and closet for each resident. Coordinating the furnishings and arrangements of your room is a good opportunity to become better acquainted with your new roommate(s).

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