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What is Residence Hall Room Selection?

  • Residence Hall Room Selection is one part of the 4-step Room Selection process used by current SUNY Oswego students to reserve a residence hall room for the upcoming academic year.
  • Students who wish to live in The Village (and are eligible to live there) should participate in Village Room Selection, which takes place before Residence Hall Room Selection.

*Due to increased demand for on-campus housing, students who DO NOT COMPLETE Steps 1 and 2 of a Room Selection process on-time cannot be guaranteed housing for the upcoming year. (*Current First Year Students who do not complete these steps on time will be guaranteed housing; however, they will not participate in any lotteries and will be assigned wherever space is available.)

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When Does the 4-STEP Residence Hall Room Selection Happen?


March 1 - 20, 2018 • Online at link provided (link info COMING SOON).

  • Pre-registration is MANDATORY.
  • Every student who wants to live on-campus MUST PRE-REGISTER from your OSWEGO.EDU EMAIL ACCOUNT!


APPLICATION Deposit/Commitment via (choose the "Returning Student Housing Selection" link).
March 2 - 21, 2018

IMPORTANT about Step 2: Students can apply for housing (and submit their $100 deposit) the FIRST BUSINESS DAY (Monday - Friday) after completing Step 1 - PRE-REGISTRATION.

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Submit Housing Preferences  (including roommate requests, if any) via
March 5 - April 12, 2018


CHOOSE from available RESIDENCE HALL space via
March 27 - April 12, 2018

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Who SHOULD Participate in Residence Hall Room Selection?

  • All current first year students should participate in Residence Hall Room Selection for next year. Because all first year students are required to live on campus next year, participating in Room Selection will allow them the greatest choice in where they will live next year. First year students who do not participate in Residence Hall Room Selection will be randomly assigned after the Room Selection process has concluded.

  • All other current students who are 100% sure they wish to live on campus next year should also participate in Room Selection. Those who wish to live in a residence hall (as opposed to The Village townhouses) are to participate in the Residence Hall Room Selection portion of the Room Selection Process.

Who SHOULDN'T Participate in Residence Hall Room Selection?

  • Students who have already met their housing requirement and want the opportunity to live off campus for next year SHOULD NOT participate in Residence Hall Room Selection. Participation in Room Selection (Village Room Selection or Residence Hall Room Selelction) GUARANTEES the student on-campus housing for the upcoming academic year; however, it ELIMINATES the student's option to live off campus for the entire upcoming academic year.

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STEP-by-STEP Detailed Instructions

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