Release from the Housing and Dining License

The Housing and Dining License is for the entire academic year (both the Fall and Spring semesters). Students who enroll with the College in January, however, may count that semester as equal to one full year on campus. The decision to approve or deny a request to release a student from their Housing and Dining License will be based upon the sufficiency of the written explanation and supporting documentation they provide.

Students who would like to request a release from the Housing and Dining License may do so by following the procedures outlined below.

*The release request process is applicable only to students who have signed the Housing and Dining License and later decide to request a release; all other students should complete a Request for Exemption from the University Housing Policy.

**Recipients of Presidential and/or Destination scholarship(s) are required to live on-campus. Students who wish to request a release from the license should contact the Financial Aid office for information about their scholarship(s).

Once your request is approved...

Students who are approved for release will be assessed charges as outlined in the Housing and Dining License.

Note: Decisions regarding requests based on financial circumstance will not be considered unless the student/family has accepted all available financial aid and loans AND a significant unmet financial need still exists. Approval of a request for release, if granted, is at the discretion of the College, not the student; further, such approval releases the College from any present or future obligation to provide housing and dining for that resident and the space the student has previously occupied may be reassigned at the option of the College.

To Make the Request

  1. Review the chart below which provides information regarding types of requests and necessary documentation for each.

  2. Sign the Request for Release from the Residence Life and Housing License through and answer all questions.

  3. Submit the completed form, along with all supporting documentation electronically at

Completed requests, including all supporting documentation, will be reviewed by Residence Life and Housing and you may be scheduled to meet with them to discuss your request.

Note: Unless you receive approval of this request, your student status requires compliance with the Housing and Dining License. Alternative arrangements for housing, including a lease commitment, will not be considered sufficient reason for approval of this request.

 Types of Requests and Required Documentation

Justification Documentation Required

Active Military Duty

Military Documentation

Commuting from the domicile of parent(s) or legal guardian(s) within a 30-mile radius of campus

Notarized Parent or Legal Guardian Verification. Verification of Residence with Parent or Legal Guardian form can be found at The form must be completed and submitted with the Request for Release.

Commuting from my official residence of at least three consecutive months prior to my acceptance to the college and within 30miles of campus

Proof of Residency for at least three (3) consecutive months prior to acceptance of the admissions offer from the College.

Change in Financial Status

At least $1,000/semester unmet need verified by the College’s Financial Aid Office that developed after you signed the Housing and Dining License and occurred for reasons beyond your control and not as a consequence of either your action, or lack of action, and cannot be met by additional borrowing. Being unaware of your financial aid package at the time you reserved a room is not sufficient reason for release. Parental contributions calculated by the Financial Aid Office are not optional and must be included in the budget calculation.  Students are expected to secure loans to cover expenses of living on campus, if available. The ability to save money by living off campus is not a justification for release.


Inclusion on the official graduation list


Verification by the EXCEL office that the internship location is greater than a 30 mile radius from campus.


Marriage certificate (license will not suffice)

Student Teaching

Verification by the School of Education

Study Abroad

Verification by the Office of International Education


Completed and submitted College withdrawal form


Completed and submitted College withdrawal form

*If you are readmitted for full-time study at Oswego and are not covered by one of the standard exemptions, you will be required to complete the College residential requirement. Your obligation will be determined by your category (freshman or transfer) at the time of your first enrollment at Oswego.

**Release from the Housing and Dining License may impact your scholarship(s). 

Your materials will be reviewed by Residence Life and Housing and a decision will be rendered regarding your request. Students may appeal a denied decision by emailing with additional information to support the request. Appeals will be reviewed by the Interim Director for Residence Life and Housing. A final decision will then be communicated via email to the student.

Note:  Unless you receive approval of this request, your student status requires compliance with the Housing and Dining License.

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