Who Lives On Campus?

    SUNY Oswego believes, based on our own and national research, that living in the residence halls:

    • provides students with crucial connections to campus resources, 
    • supports their successful transition to college, and
    • allows students to find important engagement opportunities that are both fun, but also supplement to learning that occurs in the classroom.   

    Therefore, all full-time undergraduate students are required to live on campus, as directed by the University Housing Policy.

    Students may request an exemption from the requirements of the University Housing policy when they can provide evidence that they:

    • Will continue to reside with their parent(s) or legal guardian(s) within 30 miles of campus;
    • Will continue to reside in their official residence within 30 miles of campus, which is separate from that of their parent(s) or legal guardian(s), and at which they had resided for at least three consecutive months prior to their acceptance of the admissions offer from the college;
    • Are married; or
    • Are twenty-one (21) years of age as of September 1 for fall admission or January 1 for spring admission.

    Room Assignments

    New students submit their roommate requests and preference for specific halls by logging into myhousing.oswego.edu, accepting the terms of the Housing and Dining License, and completing the New Student Housing Application.

    After the majority of new students room assignments are made (July), you will be able to see your actual room assignment and the name and email for your roommate at myhousing! We encourage you to contact your roommate(s) to become acquainted and start planning what each of you will be bringing for your room. Although entering students (first year, transfer and readmitted) are given no guarantee of assignment to a specific building or room, every attempt is made to honor students’ requests. The Department of Residence Life and Housing will attempt to honor roommate requests when all students involved have requested each other (electronically or in writing) before any of the involved students have been assigned to a room.

    The College will assign roommates for students who do not express roommate preferences. In general, entering students are assigned rooms in accordance with the date on which the College receives their housing intent. The College does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, national origin, gender identity or sexual orientation in these assignments.

    If you have not received your room assignment by August 6th or have questions, please contact the Residence Life and Housing Office at reslife@oswego.edu or call 315.312.2246, Monday through Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

    Getting Ready To Move In

    This section will walk you through some details to consider as you prepare to come to campus. Make sure to also review the Resident Student Handbook for all policies, procedures, and guidelines you would need to know while living in one of our residential communities.

    As you begin to make plans for move-in day, visit the Moving In page to see the move-in schedule and what to expect on move-in day.


    Your Room

    Residence hall rooms are furnished with a bed, dresser, desk, desk chair, and closet for each resident. Room furnishings also include a floor lamp, wastebaskets, one mirror, and blinds. While this setup is standard, by the start of classes each room will begin to develop its own “look.”

    All SUNY Oswego regular residence hall mattresses are 80 inches long, 6.5 inches deep and 36 inches wide; they require “extra long” twin sheets. Visit the Residential Communities page and select your residence hall to see additional measurements fo your room and furnishings.

    View Residential Communities


    What To Bring

    While shopping, please utilize our list of What to Bring, approved by SUNY Oswego. Lists provided at stores may include items that are prohibited in our residence halls. We encourage you to reach out to your roommate and discuss shared belongings or equiptment you plan on bringing to campus.

    View What to Bring



    Protecting Your Belongings

    If you are wondering if you should insure your belongings, the answer is definitely yes!

    The College assumes no responsibility for loss, theft or damage to personal property, even if that loss was caused by the failure of a College mechanical system such as a pipe bursting. We strongly encourage you to have insurance coverage before you begin residency. Typically, such coverage may be provided by extension of a homeowner’s policy, renter’s insurance or insurance specifically for college students. Many vendors offer low cost insurance specifically directed to the college environment.

    Learn more about Renters Insurance


    Internet and WiFi

    All residential communities are part of the SUNY Oswego Wireless Network. In addition, all resident rooms have ResNet, Oswego’s Residential Network, which provides a dedicated wired connection to the campus network. One data connection is provided to each resident. If you have further questions, please contact the CTS Help Desk at help@oswego.edu.

    Learn about Television, Phones and Internet



    Electrical Limits and Safety

    Overloading of electrical circuits is a common cause of electrical fires. In order to ensure a safe environment, the use of electrical extension cords is strictly prohibited in residence halls and academic buildings on campus. However, circuit-breaker-protected multi-outlet power strips that are UL or ETL approved can be used. “Daisy chaining” (connecting one or more of these power strips to each other) is not permitted.

    Learn about Fire Safety



    Residence Hall Services

    Each residence hall has a front desk located in the main lobby, and Desk Attendants will be able to assist you during front desk hours with mail and packages, key and access issues, loaning available equipment and supplies, and answer any questions you may have.

    See Residence Hall Services for information about services and facilities available in the residence halls.

    Learn about Residence Hall Services



    Rules Governing Residential Facilities

    Any person signing/accepting the terms of the Housing and Dining License is required to comply with all College and Residence Life and Housing rules, regulations, and policies as stipulated in the Rules Governing Residential Facilities and in the current Student HandbookResident Student Handbook, The Village Resident Handbook, and The Oswego Forward website.

    View Rules Governing Residential Facilities

    The Department of Residence Life and Housing

    The Residence Life and Housing program at Oswego strives to provide students with a safe, well-maintained, and attractive living environment supportive of the educational mission of the College. Students living in residence have the opportunity for informal learning through contact with peers, staff, and faculty. The residential experience provides students with ready access to the intellectual and social events and organizations that are a vital part of the liberal arts college environment.

    Residence Hall Staff

    Each residence hall is staffed by a team of professional, student and custodial employees. Together with the residents and other College personnel, they work to provide the positive living experience at the core of our department’s mission.

    Each hall has a Residence Hall Director (RHD), a full-time professional who lives in the residence hall and an Assistant Hall Director (AHD), graduate students who also live in the hall.

    Each hall also has Resident Assistants (RAs). These undergraduate and graduate students are employed and trained by the Department of Residence Life and Housing to provide a quality living and learning experience for residents. They live directly on the resident floors and serve as role models, helpers, counselors, administrators and mentors. Furthermore, RSS enforce College policies to ensure that the health, safety and rights of all individuals are maintained.

    The front desks and recycling rooms are staffed by student employees. The Desk Attendants and Recycling Technicians, otherwise known as Student Operations Services Staff (SOS) play a very important role in the functioning of the hall. Many halls will be hiring to fill vacancies in these positions in the fall.

    Our residence halls are also staffed by custodians seven days per week throughout the fall and spring semesters. Together with Facilities, Maintenance and Operations staff, they ensure the cleaning and maintenance of our halls are in compliance with a schedule of standards and routines. Copies of these standards are available at each residence hall front desk and the Residence Life and Housing Office at 303 Culkin Hall.

    Departmental Staff

    The staff who work directly in the residence halls are supported and supervised by the Department's Central Office Staff and the Leadership Team, which includes the Assistant Vice President for Residence Life and Housing, Associate Directors, and Assistant Directors. Each of these professionals have served as a residential educator in college environments for many years. They are committed to student growth and development, as well as the training and enhancement of our professional and paraprofessional staff.


    If you have any questions that are not answered in this guide, please feel free to call Residence Life and Housing at 315.312.2246, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Questions can also be emailed to reslife@oswego.edu.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Housing

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