Moving Out

Fall Semester Move-Out

Prior to leaving residence halls, students are reminded to close and lock windows, empty wastebaskets, dispose of food that may spoil, unplug electrical appliances, turn off lights and alarm clocks, remove holiday decorations, generally clean the room, and lock the door. Students will be billed for trash left in the room.  All pets must be removed from the residence hall during winter break.

Special precautions will be taken by the College to ensure building security. Residence hall staff members will thoroughly check all resident rooms after the building has been closed to make certain that rooms are secured and that there are no obvious hazards. Any room entry after closing will be documented with a note informing the residences of the times, date, and reason for entry. Also, the residence halls are patrolled regularly by University Police during the recess period and any unauthorized persons entering, attempting to enter, or found in the building will be subject to arrest. Students should be aware that any materials which violate State laws or College regulations will be confiscated and not returned, and may lead to disciplinary action.