Medical Housing Consideration Policy and Process

Medical Housing Consideration Policy

Residence Life and Housing refers to the ADA and Fair Housing Act to comply with federal and state mandates to provide reasonable housing accommodations. The following interactive process has been developed to insure equitable and individualized review of a student’s needs and requested accommodations. The Medical Housing Consideration Committee is comprised of unit leadership staff of Health Services, Accessibility Resources, Counseling Services and Residence Life and Housing to support a fair and just review of the documentation.


A student may apply for a medical consideration by downloading and completing the Medical Housing Consideration Form located on the Residence Life and Housing website (under forms). Hard copies are also available in the Residence Life and Housing Office, 303 Culkin Hall.

When a completed form is submitted to the Residence Life and Housing Office, a committee member, whose expertise addresses the listed diagnosis, will meet with the student for the initial review of the application. The applicant will be instructed by Residence Life and Housing to contact the committee member to arrange an intake interview. Residence Life and Housing will send via fax and certified mail a form to the student’s listed healthcare provider regarding the applicant’s medical issues. When all completed documentation is returned by the healthcare provider, the committee will convene to review the information and render a decision on the student’s request.

The committee may base their decision on, but not limited to, the following:

  • Type of request
  • Diagnosis
  • Length of time the student has had the condition and how long the healthcare provider has been treating the student for the condition
  • Severity of the condition
  • How long the symptoms are likely to persist
  • Why the medical consideration is necessary
  • Impact of the condition on the student’s ability to continue to study at SUNY Oswego
  • Type of medication and treatment
  • Significant limitations either because of the condition and/or medication side effects
  • Functional limitations to the student’s academic pursuits if this medical consideration cannot be met

Types of responses to requests:

  • Unable to review; incomplete information, insufficient documentation
  • Approved
  • Denied; letter of denial will include the appeal process

*Disability documentation guidelines. (2008, January)