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Lofting Options : process complete

Resident students who would like their bedroom furniture lofted but have not yet submitted a request can submit an "iService Request Form" online upon arrival to our campus for the fall semester. (The website is not accessible from off campus.)

Please note:

  • It may take up to 4 weeks to fulfill these requests and residents must be present during lofting.
  • Beds in Lonis Hall and The Village cannot be lofted.
  • Specific rooms in other communities cannot accommodate lofts, including:
    • L-rooms in Funnelle and Hart Halls.
    • Riggs Hall rooms 116, 118, 216, and 316.

Double Room options brochure (pdf 342k)

Scales and Moreland options brochure (pdf 336k)

If you do not submit a request, your room will be set to the Default Option (bed is set at 35" height with dressers placed under bed - clearance under bed is 28" high).

Thank You!