Exemption from the University Housing Policy

University Housing Policy

SUNY Oswego believes, based on our own and national research, that living in the residence halls:

  • provides students with crucial connections to campus resources, 

  • supports their successful transition to college, and

  • allows students to find important engagement opportunities that are both fun, but also supplement the learning that occurs in the classroom.   

Therefore, all full-time undergraduate students are required to live on campus, as directed by the University Housing Policy (see below).

Students are typically exempted from the housing policy when they provide evidence that they:

  • Will continue to reside with their parent(s) or legal guardian(s) within 30 miles of campus (please note, leasing locally will not qualify a student for an exemption);

  • Will continue to reside in their official residence within 30 miles of campus, which is separate from that of their parent(s) or legal guardian(s), and at which they had resided for at least three consecutive months prior to their acceptance of the admissions offer from the college;

  • Are married; or

  • Are twenty-one (21) years of age as of September 1 for fall admission or January 1 for spring admission.

We recognize that not all students who meet these criteria wish to be exempted and many choose to live in SUNY Oswego residence halls. Therefore, students seeking an exemption must formally request one by completing an easy online form after paying their SUNY Oswego deposit, (Laker credentials are required to login and may take 24-28 hours to become active after the deposit is paid).


Requesting an Exemption:

Students that meet one or more of the above criteria may request an exemption from the University Housing Policy by submitting a formal request at myhousing.oswego.edu

Exemption requests should be submitted as soon as possible after committing to attending SUNY Oswego and paying a deposit. Late requests may result in students being assigned to on-campus housing during which time housing charges may accrue.


For incoming students, who have not yet completed a housing application for 22-23:

1. Pay your deposit indicating you will be attending SUNY Oswego.

2. Submit a Request for Exemption from University Housing Policy through myhousing.oswego.edu

  • Review the types of requests and required documentation and prepare necessary documentation.

Justification Documentation Required

Commuting from the domicile of parent(s) or legal guardian(s) within 30 mile radius of campus

Notarized Parent or Legal Guardian Verification. Verification of Residence with Parent or Legal Guardian form can be found at oswego.edu/reslife. The form must be completed and submitted with the Request for Exemption.
Commuting from my official residence of at least three consecutive months prior to my acceptance to the college and within 30 miles of campus

Proof of residency.


Marriage certificate (license will not suffice)


Approval of the Medical Housing Consideration request through Accessibility Resources.

*Exemption from the University Housing Policy may impact your scholarship(s)

**If you are readmitted for full-time study at Oswego and are not covered by one of the standard exemptions, you will be required to complete the University residential requirement. Your obligation will be determined by your category (first-year or transfer) at the time of your first enrollment at Oswego.

  • Sign and complete the Request for Exemption from the University Housing Policy form including supporting documentation in the housing portal at myhousing.oswego.edu.

3. Your request will be reviewed upon receipt and unless additional materials are required, your exemption status is communicated to you within 5 business days of submission.

Please note: The exemption process is not applicable for students who have already signed a Housing and Dining License. If you are an incoming, or returning student who has already signed up to live in SUNY Oswego Housing for 2022-2023, please complete a Request a Release from the Housing and Dining License.

Students may appeal a denied decision by emailing reslife@oswego.edu with additional information to support the request. Appeals will be reviewed by the Interim Director for Residence Life and Housing. A final decision will then be communicated via email to the student.

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