Exemption from College Housing Policy

If you have not signed Housing and Dining License and wish to be exempted from the College Housing Policy, read the instructions on this page carefully to submit a Request for Exemption from College Housing Policy.

Unless you receive approval of this request, your student status requires compliance with the College Housing Policy. Alternative arrangements for housing, including a lease commitment, will not be considered sufficient reason for approval of this request. 

The decision to approve or deny a request for exemption from the College Housing Policy will be based upon the sufficiency of the written explanation and supporting documentation you provide. 

*The exemption process is not applicable for students who have signed a Housing and Dining License and later decide to request to live off campus; these students must Request to Terminate Housing and Dining License.

College Housing Policy

*All SUNY Oswego students must adhere to the College Housing Policy. SUNY Oswego assumes that acceptance of the offer of admission to the College indicates that the student understands the terms of the College Housing Policy and its requirements.

SUNY Oswego is a residential college and believes that immersion in the educational environment is the preferred experience for new students. Therefore, all full-time undergraduate students who will need to establish an Oswego-area residence in order to attend the college are required to live on campus to the extent that facilities are available and utilized*.

Students generally exempted from this requirement are those who:

  • Will continue to reside with their parent(s) or legal guardian(s);
  • Will continue to reside in their official residence, which is separate from that of their parent(s) or legal guardian(s), and at which they had resided for at least three consecutive months prior to their acceptance of the admissions offer from the college;
  • Are married; or
  • Are twenty-one (21) years of age as of September 1 for fall admission or January 1 for spring admission.

*Due to current facility availability, students who fulfill specific criteria will be considered as having fulfilled the Housing Requirement and would no longer be required to live in college housing; these students are those who first enrolled at SUNY Oswego as:

  • first year/freshmen students and have lived in residence at SUNY Oswego for four (4) consecutive semesters (fall and spring) if admitted in the fall or three (3) semesters if admitted in the spring.


  • transfer students and have lived in residence at SUNY Oswego for two (2) consecutive semesters (Fall and Spring) if admitted in the Fall or one (1) semester if admitted in the Spring.

Recipients of Presidential and/or Destination scholarship(s) are required to live on-campus. Students who move off campus will forfeit their scholarship(s).

Steps to submit a Rrequest for Exemption from the College Housing Policy

Steps to Submit a Request for Expemtion from College Housing Policy (PDF)

1. Review the types of requests and required documentation and prepare necessary documentation.

Reason for Request Required Documentation

Commuting from the domicile of parent(s) or legal guardian(s) within 30 mile radius of campus*

Notarized Parent or Legal Guardian Verification section of the Request for Exemption from College Housing Policy form.

Marriage certificate (license will not suffice)


Approval of the Medical Housing Consideration request. 

Medical Housing Consideration Policy and Process


Requests based on personal reasons, such as general dissatisfaction and unhappiness, are normally not approved because they are based upon feelings, etc., which are impossible to measure and therefore do not allow the department to be consistent and fair in the administration of the Housing and Dining License. Alternative arrangements for housing, including a lease commitment, will not be considered sufficient reason for approval of this request.

*If you plan to commute to the College from a distance of more than 30 miles (one way), you must provide a plan that is deemed acceptable by the Assistant Vice President for Residence Life and Housing that allows for verification of your regular commute to campus each day you attend your registered classes. An example might be periodic inspection by housing staff of the odometer reading of the vehicle used for the commute, bus ticket receipts, etc.

**If you are readmitted for full-time study at Oswego and are not covered by one of the standard exemptions, you will be required to complete the College residential requirement. Your obligation will be determined by your category (first-year or transfer) at the time of your first enrollment at Oswego.

2. Complete and sign the Request for Exemption from College Housing Policy form.

Request for Exemption for College Housing Policy Form (PDF)

3. Submit the completed Request for Exemption for College Housing Policy along with the necessary supporting documentation to the Residence Life and Housing Office, 303 Culkin Hall or email them to reslife@oswego.edu.

Your materials will be reviewed by the Assistant Vice President of Residence Life and Housing or their designee and you may be scheduled to meet with them to discuss your request. A decision will be rendered regarding your request at the time of your meeting.

Residence Life and Housing
303 Culkin Hall

8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Monday – Friday

Phone: 315.312.
Fax: 315.312.6329
Email: reslife@oswego.edu

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