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Computer Technician (CT)

Hiring Timeline

Computer Technician (CT) Job Description
The Computer Technician (CT) is a member of Residence Life and Housing Student Operations Services Staff (SOS Staff). The role of the Computer Technician is to oversee the operation of a residence hall computer "laboratory."

Below is a summary of the responsibilities and terms of the position. These are specified in more detail in the SOS Staff Operations Manual which is provided to all Computer Technicians.

I. Expectations/Responsibilities

A. Read and follow provisions of the residence hall SOS Staff Operations Manual.
B. Open the Computer Lab on time and return the key to the desk after each shift.
C. Oversee general operations of the computer lab.

    1. Maintain user sign-in sheet and communication log.
    2. Make sure all computers are working and report any malfunctions to the Campus Technology Services (CTS) Help Desk the SOS Supervisor.
    3. Maintain a clean and noise free environment.
    4. Report all problems to SOS Supervisor.
    5. Provide basic technical support to lab users.
    6. Follow Campus Technology Services (CTS) rules and procedures.

D. Arrange for shift coverage by another CT if you are unable to work.
E. Do not allow eating, drinking, or disruptive behavior in the lab at any time.
F. Assist RHD/AHD in the implementation and operation of the hall's posting policies and procedures.
G. Adhere to supervisor and departmental expectations.
H. Other duties as assigned.

II. Compensation

A. Computer Lab Technicians are compensated at a rate of $9.95 per hour.
B. The College's Temporary Service Employment Guidelines govern numbers of hours worked during any pay period.

III. Terms of Employment

A. The academic year constitutes the term of employment.
B. Computer Technicians are required to attend and participate in all training periods (typically, pre-service training in September and in January/February, and in-service training sessions scheduled as needed).
C. Computer Technicians report directly to the SOS Supervisor.
D. Computer Technicians must live in a SUNY Oswego residence hall for the full term of employment.
E. It is the responsibility of the Computer Technician to check his/her final grades online at the end of each semester.  If the semester or cumulative GPA falls below 2.00, it is RT's responsibility to contact the Department of Residence Life and Housing within one week of the date on which grades were posted by the College Registrar.*
F. Computer Technicians will receive performance evaluations each semester.
G. Failure to meet the position responsibilities and/or gross misconduct may constitute a basis for termination.
H. Failure to meet the responsibilities of the position, misconduct and/or any violation of College policy may be grounds for personnel action (i.e. warning, employment probation, or termination).

IV. Qualifications

A. Applicants must maintain a minimum of a 2.0 semester GPA and cumulative GPA beginning with the semester (Fall or Spring) immediately preceding employment.*
B. CTs must maintain a 2.0 semester and cumulative Grade Point Average for the duration of  employment.*
C. CTs may not begin employment while on Disciplinary Probation. Conduct records will be checked for all applicants.

*PLEASE NOTE: Summer and winter session grades are not included when calculating whether or not an applicant or staff member meets the grade requirements for the position.

Applications are available at: eRezLife (

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