Cayuga Hall

About Cayuga Hall

  • Cayuga Hall houses approximately 400 students on four floors making it easy to meet a lot of great people.
  • The building is shaped like a figure eight which makes it easy to find all your friends.
  • Cayuga is proud of the fact that we offer a variety of activities that reach out to all members of our hall community.
  • The desk houses a current collection of over 900 DVDs, X-Box 360 with games, countless board games, vacuums, and kitchen equipment etc. all for resident use.
  • Our spacious main lounge has a pool table, air hockey table, ping pong (a hall favorite) and foosball table.
  • Cayuga Hall has tunnel access to Pathfinder Dining Center and Seneca Hall.
  • Cayuga also offers its residents a large kitchen and laundry room.

Cayuga Hall Staff

  • 1 Residence Hall Director
  • 1 Assistant Hall Director
  • 17 Resident Assistants, with two on the first floor and five on floors two through four.
  • RAs are skilled in helping students to get involved with different activities including hall council, community activities, educational, social, and recreational programs, and community service projects.
  • Meet the ResLife Staff

Near Cayuga Hall

  • Short walking distance from Penfield Library and Tyler Hall.
  • Cayuga is known for its tunnel access to Pathfinder Dining Hall. Never get caught in the rain or snow again.

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