Quest Representatives

Quest Presentation Submission 2018

Quest submissions for 2018 are now closed.

  • Submission due date: February 26, 2018
  • Poster printing due date: March 16, 2018
  • Quest date: April 4, 2018

  • Department/Program (Pick list)
  • Faculty/Advisor Sponsor (Text field)
  • Session Academic Level (Pick list)
  • Presentation Type (List: Paper/Panel Session, Poster Session)
  • Session Title (Text field)
  • Abstract for Paper/Panel (Text field) (For Paper/Panel Sessions only)
  • Student’s Full Name (Text field)
  • Individual Title (Text field) (Optional: used to list a section title from each student)
  • Add additional student (Yes: allows including additional students - up to 15, No: continue without adding additional students)
  • Required Room Capacity (Pick list)
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  • List Specific Technology Requirements (Text field) (Optional)
  • Other Comments of Special Requests (Text field) (Optional)
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Helpful guidelines
  • There is no limit on poster submissions. We will do our best to accommodate all that are submitted by the deadline.
  • We will not know/build the schedule until after the submission process is complete.
  • The sessions will typically be blocked in such a way that will allow each presenter to talk for 15 minutes.
  • The overall session blocks will vary upon submission and number of presenters (but 45-60 minutes are typical)
  • If you have specific requirements--they need to be submitted in the submission form. We have provided a space to indicate room preferences, technology, etc.
  • The online submission form will be the only format we will be accepting information for Quest programming.
  • The deadline for submission is February 26, 2018.

2018 Department Representatives

Accounting, Finance and Law, Hong Wan
Anthropology, Douglas Pippin
Art Department, Christopher McEvoy
Art Department, Richard Metzgar
Art History, Benjamin Entner
Atmospheric and Geological Sciences, Brian Hough
Biological Sciences, Susan Barvinchak
Chemistry, Kristin Gublo
Cinema and Screen Studies, Bennet Schaber
Communication Studies, Brian Moritz
Communication Studies, Lindsay McCluskey
Computer Science, Bastian Tenbergen
Curriculum and Instruction, Anne Fairbrother
Division of Extended Learning, Jill Pippin
Electrical and Computer Engineering, Marianne Hromalik
English and Creative Writing, Shannon Martin
Gender and Women's Studies, Joanna Goplen
Global and International Studies, Lisa Glidden
Health Promotion and Wellness, Jessica Harris
History, Lyn Blanchfield
Human Development, Rebecca Burch
Institutional Research , Mary Ann Preston
Library, Sarah Weisman
Linguistics, Jean Ann
Mathematics, Elizabeth Wilcox
Modern Languages and Literatures, Brenda Farnham
Music, Robert Auler
Office of International Education and Programs, Joshua McKeown
Philosophy, Mark Zelcer
Physics, Shashi Kanbur
Political Science, Helen Knowles
Psychology, Stephen Wurst
Public Justice , Jeremy Shifton
SafeZone Trainers, David Runge
School of Business, Raihan Khan
School of Education: Teacher Opportunity Corps, Nichole J. Brown
Sociology, Eve Clark Benavides
Technology, Mark Hardy
Theatre, Aleksandra Kraszpulska