Quest 2018 will take place on Wednesday, April 4th.

Quest is a symposium dedicated to sharing the scholarly and creative pursuits of students, faculty, and staff of the State University of New York at Oswego. It is sponsored by the Division of Graduate Studies, Office of the Provost, the Scholarly and Creative Activities Committee, and the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching. Presentations take the form of scholarly papers, panels, debates, plays, readings, recitals, and demonstrations.

Purpose of Quest

  • recognize students, faculty, and staff engaged in scholarly and creative activities at SUNY Oswego
  • encourage and share scholarly and creative efforts across disciplines
  • identify the faculty-led student research taking place on campus

Important Dates

Submissions start January 22, 2018
Submission due date February 26, 2018
Poster printing due date March 16, 2018
Quest date April 4, 2018


We encourage any and all types of creative or scholarly presentations and activities to be made on Quest day. The length of individual presentations may be specified by the presenters. In addition to presentations, Quest will also showcase posters. A poster is any stand-alone presentation that requires a board for displaying visual materials with a space in front for the presenter. There is one deadline for all submissions.

Each department will submit Quest proposals though their Quest representative. For general questions, please email



The 2018 schedule is currently in development.