Large format printing


1. Qualified printing

Print requests must have an academic purpose. Prints for personal use are not permitted. Printed contents must observe copyright laws.

2. Artwork

Artwork should be submitted in PDF format. DO NOT submit artwork until it is finalized and proof-read. Mistakes found after printing do not absolve the customer from financial responsibility for printing.

3. Ordering
Publications Large Format Order Form  - 100MB max. upload

4. Size

  • Final display size can be no larger than 44 inches wide and 80 feet long
  • Leave at least one inch margin around all sides of the image area

5. Paper

Standard paper substrate is matte white double-ply media.

6. Timing

Typical turn around for large format printing is five business days.Occasionally there may be delays due to technical malfunctions, equipment failure, file problems, etc. We will make every effort to keep these events from affecting production and/or delivery of your order. Should delays arise we will contact you as soon as possible with the resulting schedule.

7. Payment

Cost will be figured at $10 per linear foot (longest edge) rounded-up to the nearest full foot. Payment is required at pickup via cash or check. Faculty and staff may pay via Journal Transfer to an authorized account number. Credit card payment is not available.

8. Pickup

The client is responsible for pickup of the final display from the Office of Publications. Displays will be rolled, rubber-banded and packaged in a plastic sleeve. Rigid mailing tubes for additional protection are available at a charge of $5 per tube.