Important change to Business Reply Mail

Please note this important change to Business Reply Mail including Business Reply Envelopes (BRE) and Cards (BRC). Business Reply Mail is used to allow recipients to return pieces back to the sender at no charge. The mailer pays for the returned pieces.

As of January 2013,  mailers must use the Intelligent Mail (IM) barcode in order to qualify for discounted automation prices. 
The IM barcode replaces the PostNet barcode and is the result of the U.S. Postal Service’s efforts to encode more information, while minimizing the space used on the mail piece. These barcodes are printed in the lower right area of the mailing panel beneath the address block. It is easy to differentiate between the Postnet and IM barcodes. The old postnet barcode is flat on the bottom and irregular on the top. In contrast, the new IM barcode is irregular on both the top and bottom.

Please check any Business Reply Mail that you may publish to be sure that you have been updated to the IM barcode as the former PostNet barcode will no longer qualify for discounted rates.

General questions may be directed to SUNY Oswego’s Mailroom at 315.312.2217.

The Office of Publications can assist in the design of Business Reply Mail to meet U.S. Postal Regulations. To request design assistance, call 315-312-3130.