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Copy services

Order copies

High speed black and white copies

Single-sided, letter sized = 2.4¢ per copy*
Double-sided, letter sized = 3.4¢ per copy*
Single-sided, tabloid sized = 4.8¢ per copy*
Double-sided, tabloid sized = 6.8¢ per copy*

*Prices include 24 lb. white, ivory or pastel copy paper.

Color copies

Single-sided letter sized = 25¢ per copy**
Double-sided letter sized = 50¢ per copy**
Single-sided tabloid sized = 50¢ per copy**
Double-sided tabloid sized = $1 per copy**

** Prices include 28 lb. color copy paper, including 100PCW and wind-power paper.

Additional fees apply for design work and off-line finishing services. Pricing is based on journal transfers from recharge funding sources. Pricing may vary with alternative funding sources. i.e. cash, check, IFR or DIFR accounts. To request an estimate, call the Office of Publications at 315.312.3130 or email

Artwork may be submitted online or emailed in PDF format. You may alternatively provide a single-sided hard copy. Be sure that job considerations such as blank pages, imposition or mixed paper color, etc. are provided with your artwork.  

Learn how to save a PDF from MS Word.

PDF tips

  • When furnishing a PDF be sure to check that the fonts and images used have been included.
  • The resolution of images should be a minimum of 300 dpi for clarity in printing.
  • Color images should be made up of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (CMYK).
  • Lines and figures have to have a minimum line thickness of 0.25 points. Lines which are too thin will not print correctly.

Hard copy tips

  • Print your artwork single-sided on a good quality printer with a resolution of at least 600 dpi.
  • Lines and figures have to have a minimum line thickness of 0.25 points. Lines which are too thin will not print correctly.
  • Mail or deliver your unfolded artwork to Publications in Building 20.