Minors and double majors

Because public justice is an multidisciplinary major, many students use some of their 21 hours of major electives toward a second major or a minor. The most common of these, since they include public justice major electives, are anthropology, history, philosophy, political science, psychology, and sociology. Students should consult the College Catalog for the requirements for majors in these fields.


​Every public justice major has the opportunity to design his or her own individualized program that best meets his or her needs and interests. All public justice students take the same five core courses, but the possible combinations of electives are limited only by each student's imagination, initiative, and schedule.

Transfer students

​Internal transfer students

Other students decide to declare public justice after they have been admitted to SUNY Oswego in another major program or as undecided students. These students may apply for admission to the public justice major after completing 30 semester hours of college work.


The public justice practicum course gives students a valuable opportunity to gain practical experience in an occupation of interest, to make professional contacts, and to prepare for their future careers. During practicum students relate theory they have learned in their course work to the way things "really work" in the field.

Helpful pre-law hints

No one pre-law major guarantees entry into law school or ensures competent performance in law studies. Public justice, with its interdisciplinary approach, is a good choice for students preparing for law school because it stresses breadth of knowledge and intellectual flexibility.