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Our graduates find success in many fields nationally with careers in law enforcement, law, social work, security and court administration, and have attended graduate school for criminal justice, forensic science, labor relations and law.

Successful alumni include

LCDR Kevin S. Roberts
Lieutenant Commander, United States Navy
Director, Special Intelligence Communications Center
San Diego, CA

Linda G. Maryanov, Esq.
Zimmerman and Maryanov Law Firm
New York City, NY

Brian English
Forensic Medical Investigator
Erie County Medical Examiner's Office
Buffalo, NY

Paul F. Sheehan
Sr. Investigator
New York State Office of the Attorney General
Albany, NY

Katherine Grimm
Probation Supervisor
Department of Juvenile Justice
Portsmouth, Virginia

Alan Graham
Road Patrol Sergeant
Wayne County Sheriff's Department
Lyons, NY

You can find a longer list for a bigger picture of where our graduates have gone.