Public justice deals with how laws are made, applied and enforced, and the policies and goals that inspire those laws and for whose accomplishment the laws are a vehicle. It deals with public service and public institutions that are a part of the enterprise of maintaining order in society and, to an increasing extent, responsible for distributing entitlements to the public. The goal of public justice is to examine the way this public enterprise does -- and should -- interact with its constituents.

The public justice major at SUNY Oswego is a multidisciplinary liberal arts program with special emphasis in the social and behavioral sciences combined with specialized in-depth research and supervised fieldwork experience. Areas of study include administration of justice, corrections, court and judicial administration, juvenile delinquency, law enforcement, probation, parole, community-based rehabilitation programs, private security and pre-law.

Public Justice degree completion will be available at the Syracuse Metro Center beginning in Fall 2016. Please see the following link for more information about the Metro Center

What Can I Do With A Major In Public Justice?


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