Steps for Declaring a PSY Major or Minor

To request a major or minor in psychology, please use myOswego. After making this request, please schedule an appointment with the Psychology Department's Head Advisement Coordinator (Prof. Melanie Licatese). Majors and minors will only be approved after this meeting. Meeting requests are accomodoated on a first-come/first-serve basis. Please also be aware of the registration period moratorium described below.

  • REGISTRATION PERIOD MORATORIUM: Psychology is one of the most popular programs at SUNY Oswego, and the Psychology Department receives many major and minor requests during registration time. Due to this overabundance of requests, it is often not possible to meet with all students in a timely and/or satisfactory manner. Thus, beginning in the Fall 2019, the Psychology Department will not process any major or minor requests during the registration period to ensure fairness and equity for all students. This moratium begins one week prior to the start of advanced registration and ends when continued registration commences. For exact dates, please see the registrar's website. In order to serve students best, we strongly recommend that students request majors or minors at the beginning of the semester ahead of registration time.