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Qing Liu

Assistant Professor


460 Mahar

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My primary research interest is the spontaneous tool use behaviors in wild capuchin monkeys in Brazil. I study the behavior and cognition of these monkeys with an embodied cognition approach. Recent topics include decision making in tool and material selection, skill development of juveniles, biomechanics of the skilled movement, and social influence in tool use.

A new ongoing project examines vocalizations by these tool-using monkeys, adding a unique reference point to the discussion of possible co-evolution of language and tool use in early humans. I travel to my field site every summer, observe the monkeys and collect data. I welcome interested and motivated students to help code monkey videos. In addition, I am also interested in development of world views of college students as they learn about the scientific method and various philosophical perspectives in college and society. Finally, I am interested in helping undergraduate students formulate their own hypothesis and conduct independent scientific inquiry.


Ph.D., University of Georgia, 2011
MS, University of Georgia, 2007
BS, Peking University, Beijing, China, 2004

Classes taught

PSY 303 - Biopsychology
PSY 433 - Primate Cognition