Psychological Sciences Laboratory

The Psychological Sciences Laboratory is located in 303 Mahar Hall, and is available to students and faculty members to conduct psychological science. We are particularly interested in having students use this laboratory for Honor's Theses and independent research projects. Permission to use this laboratory is required and is protected by assigned keycard access.

This laboratory contains the following equipment suites:

This laboratory also contains the following software suites:

Faculty Labs

Archiving Longitudinal Data Project and Health Behavior Promotion Lab
Mahar XXX; Contact: Dr. Samara Rice (

We are interested in understanding mechanisms of changing problematic health behaviors, with an emphasis on alcohol and other substance misuse. This is accomplished primarily through: 1) the application of advanced latent variable models to understand longitudinal health behavior change, and 2) instrument development studies to measure health behaviors in college students, such as intimate partner violence perpetration and the resolution of ambivalence about changing substance misuse.