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Faculty profile

Leigh Bacher



455 Mahar

Office hours

Tuesday 2:15 - 3:15
Wednesday 1:30 - 2:30



Broadly, my primary research interest is understanding the development, mechanisms and functions of attention. More specifically, my projects include studies of: infant attention and motor control, spontaneous eye blinking in infants and adults, problem solving, and formation of world views. A primary research focus is a study of the relationships between attention and spontaneous blinking in face recognition. Additionally, I am the psychology contact for the Global Labs summer research opportunities in Costa Rica.


Ph.d., Cornell University, 1998
MA, Cornell University, 1994
BA, University of Georgia, 1986

Classes taught

PSY 280 - Analysis of Psychological Data
PSY 290 - Research Methods in Psychology
PSY 428 - Cognitive Development
COG 166 - Introduction to Cognitive Science