Nomination and Review Procedures and Timeline

This edit: 12-15-14

SUNY Oswego is committed to providing its students with a learning-centered environment in which the focus is squarely on providing excellent learning and growth opportunities for our students. This commitment to educational excellence requires that truly exceptional teachers are recognized, celebrated, and rewarded for their contributions to the learning environment. The Part-Time Faculty Award for Teaching Excellence is an annual award granted to a part-time faculty member whose outstanding performance in teaching demonstrates an appreciation for the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and passionate work ethic associated with exceptional teaching. This award will recognize faculty members are exceptional teachers in the opinion of their students and their peers. Additionally, all faculty nominees who are judged to have provided sufficient evidence of teaching excellence will be awarded the COLT Certificate of Excellence in Teaching.

Nature of the Award and Eligibility

The Part-Time Faculty Award for Teaching Excellence is intended to annually recognize one part-time faculty member who has demonstrated extraordinary success in fostering student learning and is thereby enhancing the collective learning environment at SUNY Oswego. To be eligible for the award individuals must be a part-time faculty member and taught at least one course at SUNY-Oswego each year for at least two years.

Recognition Associated with the Award

The award recipient will be honored at The Oswego Symposium on Learning and Teaching, and they will receive an appropriate symbol of the honor (e.g., a plaque) and an appropriate monetary award (e.g., $500).

Award Criteria and Documentation

The focus of this award is on teaching that is outstanding as recognized by students and peers in promoting student learning. Much effective learner-centered teaching takes place in the context of courses and classrooms, and effective learning and teaching activities occur in a wide variety of other contexts. Truly effective teaching may include such activities as facilitating student learning in the classroom as well as mentoring in research, and creative collaboration in such contexts as laboratories, studios, internships, service learning experiences, practica, etc. Excellent learner-centered teaching may also include the creation of methods and materials that indirectly support student learning. Emphasis will be placed on the following criteria:

1. Teaching Philosophy

A well-articulated and functional teaching philosophy consistent with a learning-centered environment in which high expectations for excellence are matched with excellent opportunities for learning and development.

2. Evidence of Teaching Effectiveness *As evidenced by such things as:

· A clear focus on student learning.

· Evidence of excellent student-learning.

· Evidence of effective individual student mentoring.

· Student evaluations of their own learning and the effectiveness of the faculty member's contribution to their learning.

· Collegial observations of effectiveness in promoting student learning.

*All nominees will be expected to submit representative samples of departmentally approved student evaluations of teaching, and at least one letter of recommendation from a student.

Nomination Procedures

A nomination must come, unsolicited by the nominee, from an individual who is well acquainted with the candidate's teaching effectiveness. Student nominations are encouraged.

Timeline: Nominations and support materials are due in the office of the Assistant Provost for Budget and Operations, 702 Culkin Hall, no later than the first Monday in February. It is expected that materials will be summarized and submitted in brief but compelling form with supporting documentation in appendices.

The nominator shall also be responsible for requesting and collecting materials from the nominee and support letters from others knowledgeable about the nominee's teaching. If the nominator is a student, the director of CELT will request and collect the material from the nominee. The nominee shall submit the following to the nominator: a statement of teaching philosophy, curriculum vitae, and evidence of teaching excellence consistent with the criteria specified in the Award Criteria section.

Award Review Process:

The Committee on Learning and Teaching (COLT) will be charged with establishing and maintaining procedures for the award. Any changes to the procedures must be completed and approved no later than a month before the nomination deadline.

The Part-Time Teaching Award Committee will consist of a representative subset of the COLT Teaching Award Committee.

Any member of the award committee who becomes a nominee (or a significant other of a nominee) must remove themselves from the award committee.

Review Procedures

1. Each member of the award committee will independently review the materials submitted and anonymously complete a Review and Rating Form on each nominee. On that form, the award committee member will rate each nominee on each of the four areas using the following five-point scale:

1 2 3 4 5
Poor Fair Good Very good Excellent

Each committee member will also rate each nominee overall as a candidate for the award using the same scale.

2. The individual review and rating forms will all be collected and put into separate envelopes for each nominee. The committee will then consider each nominee in a random order. As each nominee is considered, the review and rating data (summarized for the committee by the COLT chairperson) will serve as a basis for committee discussion of the nominee. After opportunity for discussion, a secret paper vote of "yes" or "no" will be taken regarding the nominee's candidacy for the award. That is a "yes" would mean that the person is considered as "in the pool of appropriate candidates for the award" and "no" would mean "not an appropriate candidate for the award at this time." The votes will be placed in the nominee's envelopes for later tallying. The votes will not be counted and announced until all the nominees have been considered and voted upon.

3. After all of the nominees have been voted upon, the chairperson(s) will summarize the voting results and the pool of "excellent candidates" will be announced. At this point, any member of the committee may ask for a reconsideration of any candidate(s) which must be accompanied by an explanation for why that consideration is called for. A majority vote is needed to reconsider the candidate.

4. Once the "pool of excellent candidates" is completed, each committee member will privately submit a ranked list of the nominees in the pool, with "1" being highest. Those rankings will serve as the basis for discussion concerning who should be given the award for that year. After opportunity for discussion, the chair will ask for nominations from the pool for the award. The goal is to recognize the most deserving nominee. However, if the committee cannot decide on one person, it may consider recommending more than one award for that year. The award winner(s) will be chosen by majority vote. A committee member may request a revote at any time, and must provide a rationale for that request. If a committee vote results in a majority for the same result on two occasions, no request for a revote will be possible.

5. The Part-Time Teaching Award Committee shall forward its recommendations(s) to the Provost during the spring semester.

6. All of the nominators and nominees will be sent a letter from the awards committee congratulating the nominees on their nomination and thanking them all for their involvement in the award process. Those nominees who have been voted into the pool of excellent candidates (and their nominators) will be notified that the nominees are to be awarded the COLT Certificate of Excellence in Teaching.

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