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Engineering Advisory Board Mission and Vision

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The State University of New York (SUNY) at Oswego Engineering Advisory Board serves the region, the State of New York and the nation by providing expert guidance to SUNY Oswego in the education of engineers, growth of knowledge, and the development of new methods and capabilities for solving challenging technological problems through innovative research and practice in various disciplines of engineering.

Foremost, the Board serves as a central stakeholder for the development and continuous progress of undergraduate engineering programs founded on a rigorous, applied practice of engineering fundamentals coupled with advanced engineering tools. The mission includes a guiding commitment to preparing students for professional and research activities as independent learners and for work within a diverse multi-cultural environment, enabling them to become global leaders in their respective fields.

The Advisory Board will:

  • Advise the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences in pursuing the mission, vision, and strategic initiatives of the engineering programs.
  • Provide an industry link and perspective for the engineering program plans, curriculum, ABET accreditation, and strategies to prepare engineers to meet the changing needs and requirements of the nation.
  • Offer strategies and support for broadening affordable access to engineering education and increasing participation of underrepresented groups in engineering.
  • Provide counsel on future employment needs and appropriate College responses.
  • Assist in the development of networks and partnerships regarding internships, scholarships, faculty-student research, and graduate placement.
  • Build financial sponsorship to support the engineering initiatives to maintain excellence in teaching, research and outreach in the engineering programs.
  • Interface with SUNY Oswego's students, faculty, administration and key external stakeholders to advocate the importance of Oswego's engineering education and its value to the region, state and society.


SUNY Oswego's engineering programs will be nationally recognized for their strong emphasis and rigor in engineering science and design founded on hands-on project-based education. The Board's vision is to contribute a new generation of diverse, exceptionally well-prepared engineers for early leadership success in industry or graduate school.