Public Justice BA

Our public justice program observes the criminal and civil justice systems and their associated professions from several different perspectives — anthropological, economical, historical, philosophical, psychological and sociological.


Centered primarily in the social and behavioral sciences, the program combines a liberal arts education, in-depth study in your area of interest and supervised fieldwork. Three tracks of study include criminal justice, human services and legal studies. We also offer an online degree completion program for those with appropriate transfer credit.

The required practicum gives you the opportunity to apply classroom learning in real-world settings, and enables you to make contact with working professionals — and possible employers. Add a forensic science minor — or double-major in public justice and psychology, sociology or political science — to more fully prepare for career or graduate school plans. Choose evening or online options to fit coursework around your work or family schedule. Excel and you can work as a peer adviser or undergraduate assistant in certain courses, and you may be eligible to join Alpha Delta Omega, the public justice honor society.


Bachelor of Arts


  • Enhanced skills in oral and written communication, analytical ability, critical thinking, computer and information literacy, and self-directed learning
  • Ability to relate theory to the practices, policies and processes of the systems in public justice
  • Broad understanding of the policies and processes of the systems and institutions in the public justice field and the social problems public justice institutions are intended to solve
  • Ability to examine various social problems from both historical and contemporary perspectives and the role of public justice institutions in dealing with such social problems

Career Opportunities

  • Law
  • Law enforcement
  • Court administration
  • Social work
  • Institutional corrections
  • Child welfare
  • Private security
  • Mediation

I have done a research project and actually been able to present the findings at the ACJS (Academy of Criminal Justice Services) conference in New Orleans. It was incredible to be able to travel to an incredible city and present along with Graduate and Doctoral students.

My favorite part of the Public Justice major was honestly the core courses and the elective courses. There was never a class in this major that I dreaded going to. I felt every class was incredibly interesting.

I interned with the NY State Police, Troop A. This provided me with real experience in the field I want to go into and with the agency that I really want to get into. It really helped me realize that this is truly what I want to do with my life.

The faculty here have been very supportive. I can call or email any which one of them and ask for advice or they contact me and invite me out to help or support programming or talk on the behalf of students.

Program Resources

Where Our Students Have Interned

  • Forensic Medical Services
  • New York State Police
  • Onondaga County District Attorney Office
  • U.S. Customs
  • U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration
  • U.S. Secret Service
  • U.S. Marshals Service


Learn what it's like to work in a professional setting while still in school.

Real Experience through Practicum

Practicum gives students a valuable opportunity to gain practical experience in an occupation of interest, to make professional contacts and to prepare for their future careers locally and nationally. During practicum students relate theory they have learned in their course work to the way things “really work” in the field.


Apply the knowledge you learn in the classroom to research in the field and laboratory.

Get Involved

The Public Justice Department offers many ways to get involved on campus outside of acaemics. Join the Public Justice Club, attend a guest lecture, or become a peer advisor and help your fellow classmates through out their college career.

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